Resizing the RevEngine window

The RevEngine window can sometimes be a helpful tool during the development process, especially when you’re trying to determine just what commands the engine is actually executing, but unfortunately it’s always been a fairly small fixed-size window which can result in a lot of tedious horizontal scrolling when trying to view the contents.

As there’s only so much H-scrolling a person can take, we finally bit the bullet for the next release and made the window resizable instead, so now you can change it to something more comfortable to use as illustrated here:

The incredible resizable RevEngine window

(As an added bonus it’s also DPI-aware so will scale properly to different monitors as needed)

Of course, the RevEngine window is normally not a part of the system that we expose to our users because their usual reaction is to try and close it, and this generally tends to hang or crash the application. In order to mitigate this we also included one more change – if you click the close button the engine will not terminate – it will simply become hidden instead, so even if your users do see the RevEngine window and attempt to close it, they will not crash your application (they will just have to try harder – you know what they’re like… )

However, if you do need to show or hide the RevEngine window in your system it’s as easy as this:

Declare Function GetEngineWindow
$Insert msWin_ShowWindow_Equates

Call MsWin_ShowWindow( GetEngineWindow(), SW_SHOWNORMAL$ )

Hopefully this update should make your applications a little more user-proof and make some development tasks a little easier.

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