EditLines and the Glyph API

As you know some controls in OpenInsight support a set of properties called the Glyph API, and this has now been extended to EditLine controls as well.  Of course it’s not the full API (see the supported properties below), as that wouldn’t make sense, but it does allow you to insert an image to the left or right of your text:

EditLine GLYPH

EditLine GLYPH with CueBanner

So now you can insert a handy search icon into your control, or perhaps a warning icon if the data in the control is invalid.

The following Glyph API properties are supported for EditLines:

  • GLYPH (similar to the BITMAP or IMAGE property)
  • GLYPHALIGN (Vertical and center settings are ignored)


(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).

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