Editline Autocompletion

One of the new capabilities we’ve added to Editline controls in OpenInsight 10 is Autocompletion.  This is a common feature found in many modern programs where the system attempts to predict a word or sentence that the user is entering without actually typing it in completely.

To enable this the Editline control now supports the following new properties:



This property specifies if Autocomplete is active, and if so how the suggested string is displayed. It can be one of the following values:

  • “0” – Autocomplete is disabled
  • “1” – Autocomplete is enabled and in “append” mode: the remainder of the suggested string is added to the end of the characters the user has typed in and highlighted.
  • “2” – Autocomplete is enabled and in “suggest” mode:  the system displays a drop-down list of possible matches to what the user is typing.
  • “3” – Autocomplete is enabled and in “suggest-append” mode. This is combination of the previous two modes.


This property specifies where the list of possible suggested strings is obtained from.  It can be one of the following values:

  • “0” – Custom List: a list set via the AUTOCOMPLETELIST property
  • “1” – File List: a list of matching file and directory names supplied by Windows
  • “2” – Directory List: a list of matching directory names supplied by Windows
  • “3” – History List: a list of matches against the user’s URL history list
  • “4” – MRU List: a list of matches against the user’s MRU list
  • “5” – Shell List: a list of matches against all objects in the Windows Shell Namespace


This property specifies an @fm-delimited list of suggested strings to use when the AUTOCOMPLETESOURCE property is “0”


Autocomplete from a custom list


Autocomplete from a file list


Autocomplete from URL history


(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).

4 thoughts on “Editline Autocompletion

  1. David Tod Sigafoos

    Dear Captain C …

    I might have missed it but don’t see where an OI file / OI file, record are the source of the autocomplete. There is the OS level file but not OI. Why not?

  2. Captain C Post author

    Dear DSig …

    At the moment this is working at the “raw” Windows layer – it is not hooked into the semantic logic layer which is on the Basic+ side of things. That sort of functionality can be introduced later in a similar manner to how it’s implemented in combo boxes via RTI_Populate_Combo (which is handled in a promoted CREATE event or Start_Window() – I don’t recall which off -hand …)

  3. Captain C Post author

    Hi Barry – I don’t know if it’s _supposed_ to be documented – it’s primary purpose is to parse the “FILENAME/FIELD/ID/PROCNAME” command you enter into a combo box Items prompt in the Form Designer and load the list based on that – nothing fancy really (See the help for “Combo Box Properties Dialog Box” for more info on this if you’re not familiar with it).


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