… to the “Building OpenInsight 10” blog. As work progresses on the next version of OpenInsight this is where you’ll find the latest news and information on some of the new features and changes to the product taking place during the development process.

Right now work is well underway on the new Presentation Server (RevPS) so we’ll be taking a look at that in the coming months. Just to whet your appetite here’s a few things that we’re working on for version 10:

  • 64-bit version
  • High DPI aware
  • Full Windows Common Control support
  • Improved Edit Table
  • Some new controls (e.g. Panel, Property Grid)
  • Improved OLE support
  • Non visual object support (e.g. HTTP clients and servers)
  • Extensible architecture

Of course there’s more, but if we told you everything here there’d be nothing to cover at next year’s conference in Nashville!

Anyway, we’ll try and make regular postings but there’s still a lot of work to do before release, so if you don’t see a post for a week or two it’s not because we’ve given up – it’s because we’re really really really busy.

1 thought on “Welcome…

  1. Peter Walter

    How about changing your name to just “Building OpenInsight” and covering not just the next release of OI, but also sharing your (speculative) roadmap for where OI might go in the next, say, five years, and addressing questions such as : will OI be forever bound to Windows, or are you willing to consider supporting other OSes? I develop for Windows, Linux Mint, and Android. I really wish I had one visual multi-value platform for all three. It seems to me that if you broke out the OS-specific calls into OS-specific libraries layered below the runtime engine. OI’s attraction for me is *still* the MV architecture and MV file system. For everything else, there are better design tools.


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